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New products launch in June

Jul 02 2015

New professional luminaire products

OPPLE strives to continually innovate in the LED lighting space. A company priority is to listen to customer and industry demands and insights and respond accordingly. This is the thinking and inspiration behind the newest additions to our professional luminaire portfolio. We are proud to announce three new products: LED Slim Downlight EcoMax, LED Floodlight EcoMax, and LED Slim Panel EcoMax.

The LED Slim Downlight EcoMax is a beautifully designed luminaire with a unique curvature to its heat sink that differentiates it from similar products. During the 2015 Lighting Summit 450 thousand downlights were sold, demonstrating strong customer interest. Optimized diffuser designs provide even, balanced light. Flicker free ensures stress free ambient light ideal for any space where people are exposed to the light for long periods of time.

The LED Floodlight Performer has a distinct appearance unlike other floodlights. With 20 thousand floodlights sold at the summit the product has received solid initial customer interest. Product highlights include an IP65 protection rating, an anti-rust surface finish on the heat sink, and energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional floodlights.

The LED Slim Panel EcoMax offers a seamless frame crating a streamlined and modern aesthetic. A slim profile makes the panel easy to transport and install. This product also sold 20 thousand pieces at the summit indicating similarly strong initial customer intrigue. An optimized laser dot diffuser design coupled with flicker free provides smooth, comfortable light.

We hope that you enjoy discovering the intricacies of these new products and enjoy their presence in our professional luminaire portfolio.


New Light Source Products


Improving upon established product lines is a component of incremental progress that is often overlooked. We didn’t reinvent the wheel but we are still excited to announce four new products joining our light source portfolio: LED EcoMax T5 Batten, LED EcoMax T8 Batten, LED EcoMax Bulb and LED Utility Strip.

The LED Ecomax T5 and T8 battens sold 300 thousand pieces at the 2015 Lighting Summit, incredibly strong sales for the launch of these new products. The battens feature high quality plastic and a unibody design that prevents light leak between the cover and housing. We are sure to see continued increase in demand over the coming months for these fresh battens. 

The LED EcoMax Bulb sold 450 thousand pieces at the lighting summit. This product is sure to be a staple for many customers—and product sales figures numbers demonstrate just that. These bulbs offer a broad range wattages and caps, can be dimmable or non-dimmable and work in a variety of regions. 

The LED Performer Strip sold 380,000 meters, more than enough to cover the distance from Shanghai to Nanjing. The product features anti-sulfide LED chips that prevent light drop or color change. Additionally, a robust inner copper wire and optimized heat dissipation ensure the strength and longevity of the product.

We hope you find these new products and their successful initial sales numbers exciting and inspiring.  


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