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CEO Message


“ When you help others achieve their dreams, you will achieve yours”

Ever since we started OPPLE Lighting in 1996, the fundamental guiding principle of helping others has driven everything we have done, everything we have said, and everything we have achieved. It has helped us create win-win situations with our employees, our suppliers and most of all, our customers.

Moreover, helping others, is a way of going about daily activities in OPPLE. We encourage it, reward it and practice it at every opportunity. It’s one of the reasons that OPPLE has become known as a caring company. A company populated by people who care for colleagues, customers and partners.

And that is beneficial for everyone who comes into contact with OPPLE, because caring - being genuine and being reliable - breeds more than just business commitment. It breeds passion, belief and pride. And with these firmly rooted in our DNA, business excellence is an inevitable consequence.