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Q: What does IP rating mean?
IP rating is the NEMA-defined protection rating that describes how resistant electronical enclosures are against environmental conditions.
Q: What does efficacy mean?
Efficacy is a term that is generally used when the input units and output units are different. For lighting, we are focused on the conversion of electrical energy (watts) into light (lumens.) The efficacy of a lighting fixture is a measure of the amount of light produced per unit of electricity and will take into account for energy lost by the power supply (AC/DC conversion), energy lost converting the DC energy into light (LED) and the energy lost into directing the light to where it is needed. It is measured in lumens per watt.
Q: What does efficiency mean?
Efficiency relates to one of the two rations in regards to lighting fixtures. It can refer to either the input power in relation to the output power (LED driver efficiency) or the ratio of lumens existing the bare lamp compared to the total fixture.
Q: What are the advantages of employing a high-reflective PC deep cavity reflector?
There are three key advantages: a) The high-reflective PC radiates light very efficiently b) The unique optical design realizes more accurate light distribution and higher uniformity c) The shield angle is over 30 degrees making the light softer
Q: Compared with other brands, what are the advantages of Opple's LED Grille Panel
There are two key advantages: a) The Grille Panel is an LED embedded solution b) Extremely competitively priced given the good luminous efficiency and long service life
Q: Compared with a traditional fluorescent panel, what are the advantages of Opple's LED Grille Panel?
There are three key advantages: a) High luminous efficacy of 96lm/W b) UGR16 compared to UGR>22 c) Service life three times longer d) Environmentally friendly with no UV rays or mercury


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