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Global Dealer Meeting 2014

Jun 14 2014
Shangri-La Haizhu Hui Zhan East
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 to Saturday, June 14, 2014

OPPLE held its annual Global Dealer Meeting in the Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel. The event brought together major distributors from all over the world. Part of the meeting’s intent is to emphasize the value of in-person communication and maintain and further the strong sense of partnership OPPLE shares with its distributors. 

During the meeting distributors toured several sites in Guangzhou where OPPLE has provided lighting as well as some of OPPLE’s retail outlets. Attendees were able to see firsthand the significant amount of market share OPPLE has throughout China.

OPPLE CMO Alber Zomer commented on the current state of the global LED market. He said, “There has been a great shift in the global lighting market. The ratio of non-LED lights is decreasing annually while the ratio of LED lights is growing dramatically every year.” Zomer described this shift as a “revolution” and stressed OPPLE’s ability to be a market leader in the global LED space. He attributed OPPLE’s competence in both global and domestic markets to “ongoing dedication and professionalism.”

OPPLE is currently the market leader in the Chinese LED market, and has seen significant gains in international markets as well. Growth in the global market space could not have been accomplished without the support and loyalty of OPPLE dealers. Awards were issued in recognition of the hard work dealers put forth and the contribution they make to company as a whole.

Additionally, the meeting served as a launching pad for several new OPPLE products. These included Shining Star, Utility LED Bulb and the Zenith series. The new products received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience and served as a reminder that OPPLE is always innovating and coming up with something fresh.