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Recent Events

Oct 31 2019
OPPLE Morocco team together with the local customer held the SADIMET fair successfully, which has attracted many customers and in another way it ha
Oct 23 2019
On October 23 , the Myanmar OPPLE team successfully held the Dealer Meeting in Mandalay, Myanmar, more than 350 dealers attended the conference.
Aug 01 2019 to Aug 31 2019
OPPLE India team conducted several retailer meeting in Coimbatore and Chandigarh, architects,  builders and retailers were invited to attend the me
Aug 01 2019 to Aug 31 2019
OPPLE was invited to attend the I.E.S.S.A.
Jul 17 2019 to Jul 27 2019
On 17th-27th July, OPPLE India team conducted a group visit across India with the purpose of opening new retail counters and further to promote the
Jul 14 2019
On 14th July, Car Free Day activity was held in Pekanbaru, Riau, the main purpose was encouraging people to drive less not only for reducing the po
Jul 01 2019 to Jul 12 2019
During July 1st to 12th , a marketing commando activity was been held in Hanoi by OPPLE Vietnam team and the local customer.
Jun 17 2019 to Jun 28 2019
From 17th to 28th Jun 2019 OPPLE Indonesia team together with its importers held a “Selling Day” activity.
Jun 07 2019
The General Manager of IBU Mr.


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