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Watercrest Shopping Mall

Oct 19 2017
Durban, South Africa
Watercrest Mall is a landmark shopping destination in the Waterfall suburb of Durban, South Africa. Celebrating the beauty and bounty of Kwazula Natal, the Watercrest Mall features over 120 retail stores. Only a 30 minute drive from downtown Durban, and with easy access to 2 subway lines, the Mall is anchored by attractive retailers such as Woolworths, Edgars, Super Spar, Checkers, Game and Dischem. The 44,000 square meters mall also features a Ster Kinekor movie theatre and a family oriented food court, making it a complete retail and leisure experience for visitors.
OPPLE solution: 
OPPLE’s engineers produced a fully customized lighting solution for the Watercrest Mall using a variety of products. In the public areas, OPPLE’s 42W and 9W LED Downlight HM units were used in the roof and the corridors respectively to deliver welcoming, even illumination. In the food area, the OPPLE LED Fresh Food Light was installed. Since the meat, fruits and vegetables, bread are three different kinds of ingredients it requires diverse lighting effect, by using spectrum control technology OPPLE customized the fresh food lighting solution, which brings out the true colors of fresh fruit and vegetables and prepared meals, making them more attractive to customers at point of sale. To enhance branding, retail displays and point of sale – or even architectural elements that require impactful lighting - the OPPLE LED Spotlight Track Performer was used to great effect, adding attractive and dynamic accent lighting wherever it’s required. For underground parking, OPPLE’s LED luminaires make areas with no natural light feel inviting and secure, as well as providing excellent illumination for drivers navigating the space. In common with all OPPLE LED products, the units are designed for maximum effciency and require minimum maintenance, thanks to the extremely long product lifetime. OPPLE’s lighting design has provided the Watercrest Mall with distinctive lighting that enhances the customer experience, increases retail impact, subtly distinguishes different zones and highlights walking flow routes, and reduces maintenance and energy costs drastically over traditional lighting systems.
“OPPLE proved to be a great team to work with. They fulfilled the brief completely, giving us excellent even lighting for our retail and other spaces using products that are bringing cost savings.” - Daemian, vk lite
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