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OPPO Showroom

Oct 19 2017
New Delhi, India
OPPO is China’s leading smartphone brand, famous for innovations such as the Selfie Expert F series of phones. Its enormous success has led to remarkable and rapid expansion overseas, and OPPO is now one of the top three phone brands in India, and has become the ocial sponsor for the Indian cricket team from 2017. OPPO was looking for a strategic partner in India, as well as a forward-thinking organization with a powerful Indian sales network and a one-stop LED lighting solution – the obvious choice was OPPLE LIGHTING. Both businesses have a presence in all the major Indian cities, including New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Chennai and many more. OPPLE was able to quickly work with OPPO to not only provide powerful lighting point-of-sale for over 1,000 franchise stores, 50 oces and customer support centres, but also more than 200 outdoor storefront, billboard and brand logo lighting solutions. OPPO chose to partner with OPPLE because of our expertise and excellent track record in providing highly effective lighting designs.
OPPLE solution: 
The OPPLE team has provided a complete corporate lighting solution that brings the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality whilst reducing costs and contributing to sustainable development. For general indoor illumination of the retail and specialty stores, we fitted OPPLE 12W LED Slim Downlight EcoMax II, and LED Panel Zenith fittings to ceiling areas. These provide a high lumen output with very stable and even lighting at lower cost than traditional alternatives. For brand targeting, OPPLE’s 30W LED Spot Track Performer were fitted to accent logos and brand messages. Thanks to its advanced LED technology OPPLE’s designers could create a soft layered effect which precisely met OPPO’s brief for differentiation. In key retail areas such as display cabinets, OPPLE’s 12W LED Performer T5 Batten were fitted to take advantage of their continuous and even light output without dark spots, as well as their long lifespan. For outdoor use, 42W LED Downlight HM and 120W LED Highbay Performer were used respectively for storefronts and billboards. Also, the customized LED Strip were selected for the logo and advertising light box both in and out of the stores, which can provide bright and uniform lighting. OPPLE’s expert lighting design team worked closely with OPPO’s engineers and retail managers to ensure that the lighting scheme produced a stunning shopping environment. As well as making the flagship smartphones and other electronic products look their very best, OPPLE were also able to ensure that the whole light environment reflected the high quality and aspirational nature of the OPPO brand. The combination of OPPLE’s expertise and luminaires creates a perfect retail environment: enhancing products, improving the customer experience with a softer and more comfortable environment compared to harsh single light solutions, and increasing sales conversions.
This has been a fantastic relationship –OPPLE’s partnership approach has meant that they have not only understood our brief,they have excelled. Our customer retailexperience is now second to none, and our products look magnificent – people want to stay in our stores for longer. OPPLE really understand how to use lighting to enhance the retail environment whilst delivering sustainable products on budget.
Products used: