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Jul 01 2021
Saudi Arabia / The Netherlands / South Africa
Opple Lighting has been chosen as the lighting solution provider for many of the world’s most iconic automobile brands. Our lighting designs have been implemented in sales centers and showrooms for world-leading manufacturers including BMW in Saudi Arabia, Mercedes-Benz in The Netherlands, Mini Cooper in Egypt, and Cadillac and Jaguar Land Rover in China.
OPPLE solution: 
No car showroom or sales area is the same. Most have high ceilings, but many also have more intimate spaces for sales offices or customer relaxation areas. Many have illuminated signage or critical point-of-sale displays. And of course, the vehicles must always look their best in all conditions. Away from the beautiful showroom spaces, functional areas such as workshops, parking garages, and corridors need to be well-lit and safe for work. Opple’s lighting design engineers are leading professionals in planning the optimum lighting solution for vehicle showrooms and maintenance centers. We take the time to understand your requirements - both in terms of brand image and lighting needs. Our experience with point-of-sale illumination ensures that vehicles, branding, and key architectural features will always look their best. Combined solutions such Opple’s LED Spotlight HJ and LED Utility Downlight allow for clear, glare-free illumination as well as carefully focused highlights. The position, angle, and intensity of every luminaire is carefully planned to create a lighting scheme that enhances and compliments the brand image, display vehicles, and building architecture. Our lighting designs work seamlessly with modern multimedia display technology as well as traditional promotional materials and art pieces. For the important “behind the scenes” areas, bright and uniform illumination is vital. Workshop and vehicle inspection areas are filled with light thanks to solutions such as Opple’s LED Performer High Power Bulbs. These energy-efficient units are specifically designed to give a high lumen output and are comfortable to the eye, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue. This ensures that the workforce can deliver the highest levels of service that customers of these brands expect.
“The Opple design team were able to fully meet our design needs for illuminating the whole showroom with a uniform, comfortable light that we could fully control. Their 360° stereo lighting system makes our vehicles look extremely attractive to our customers.”——Customer Feedback
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